Miguel Ariza has been in the technology market for 10 years, and currently holds the position of National Account Manager at Logitech, where he has worked for 5 years.

Logitech’s business is divided into 2. The first is managed from its headquarters in Miami, which sells to partners in Central America, the Caribbean and Ecuador. On the other hand, there is the in-country business, with direct accounts handled by Ariza. The executive works with a team of BDMs and a marketing manager covering the entire region.

Logitech operates in the territory through wholesalers, working with Intcomex in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, El Salvador and Ecuador; Cecomsa and Omega Tech in the Dominican Republic, Eurocomp in Costa Rica; Comtech in Nicaragua; and Cartimex and Tecnomega in Ecuador.

“Currently, the focus countries for us are Ecuador and Costa Rica. Still, manufacturers expect a lot from the region, we believe there is a lot of growth potential. We must leverage that and help our partners reach their goal,” said Logitech’s National Account Manager.

Logitech consists of 7 brands. Among them, the main ones are Logitech, composed of mouse products, keyboards, headsets, combos, cameras and more; and the second is Logitech G, its gaming division, an area in which continuous growth stands out.

Development in the region

The brand emphasizes the opportunities presented by the region of Central America and the Caribbean. Although there are certain socio-political problems in the countries of the territory, there is a clear trend towards the adoption of quality technologies.

Miguel Ariza, National Account Manager at Logitech.

“We seek to convey a message, tell the story of our products. We want to reach the consumer to give them the product they are really looking for, and that they can realize how important it is to invest in a brand like ours”

“Before you bought a mouse and did not think too much, because you were going to use it once or twice in your house. During the pandemic, there was so much remote work, that people understood that a $5 product did not work. They began to know more, the consumer was educated,” explained the interviewee.

Logitech understands that hybrid work is the future and they see great opportunities to develop the business. People are increasingly demanding equipment to help them improve their productivity.

In the same vein, the interviewee mentioned e-commerce as another area with a lot of potential in the region. “This segment will continue to grow, is the future. The countries of Central America and the Caribbean are a step behind, so it is important to provide e-commerce developed so that consumers feel safe and satisfied with the product that arrives,” he said.

Regarding the gaming segment, the interviewee explained that they develop their products based on the feedback they receive from the same players. “We help the gamer communities of each country to achieve growth not only in their playing style, but also regionally along with the brand,” he said.

Opportunities for partners 

The company has a partner program called Logitech Partner Pro, through which it provides different tools and benefits to partners to boost their business. In addition, the company’s marketing department generates toolkits for partners to use at both point-of-sale and ecommerce.

While Logitech seeks to make the partner aware of all the products they offer, the company is aware that not all resellers have the same capabilities to work with the entire offering of the brand. For this reason, Logitech analyzes partners by categories.

They do this through training, follow-up, partner visits, events, development plans and more. “We do a thorough analysis of the entire sales process,” Ariza said.

“Our products have an opportunity, a niche market and a goal to grow. We always try to figure out how we can help that customer, as a brand, be strong in areas where they’re not.”

When asked about why resellers should choose to work with Logitech, the company’s National Account Manager stated that the company creates products not only because of the technology itself, but also because they seek to meet the specific needs of customers. Every product launched from Logitech goes through previous studies and tests to ensure its quality.

“We invite customers to see the benefits we offer. Not only is it what the brand is going to give you, because we have a marketing team for you, a team that takes care of what is retail, another that reviews your inventory, your sales, that compares week after week your performance of timely products. It is such a deep analysis that the client does not have to do that work, we do it for them,” concluded Miguel Ariza.

Those resellers that wish to work with Logitech, can approach and contact the wholesalers designated for each country.