Foxbox Group, 10 years setting trends in the region

The consumer electronics company has been operating in Argentina for 10 years, and currently works marketing its own brands, representing and manufacturing third-party brands. We interviewed Rodrigo Laucirica, Commercial Manager, to get to know in depth the FoxBox offer, its development in the region and the work they do with their channels.

FOXBOX Group is today a global company, with own production structure China and specializes in the development, design and marketing of personal consumer technology products, also provides international OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM services (Original Design Manufacturer).

It is currently operating in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, developing agreements in the markets Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru and with active projects in Europe and the USA.

Although they began oriented to the mobile market, over the years they have evolved with their customers to incorporate different verticals, mainly household items.

Today they have the official representation of the international lines ECOFLOW and HAXLY, being FOXBOX its own flagship brand, which is positioned as the first substitute for major brands, such as Samsung or Motorola.

“Our experience starts from China to Argentina, where we are importers and distribute throughout the country. We are the only Argentine brand within Claro and Personal. This experience led us to win Latino markets. We develop our own brands and sell from China to the world,” said Rodrigo Laucirica, Commercial Manager of FOXBOX Group.

“Quality, packaging and service experience is what sets us apart”

The offer of FOXBOX Group

In addition to the FoxBox line, the company has another impulsive buying brand, Aló. “It is a brand with which we enter more differentiated channels such as pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets, service stations, places where consumers buy for need when they lack the charger, the cable or the headset, and solve it at the time. It is not a scheduled purchase, as it happens with FoxBox products, where we will buy a quality cable or a charger of higher power, to recognized technology stores,” explained the executive.

The company’s most volume-rotating verticals are cables, wall chargers and wired headphones. Regarding sales volumes, smartwatches, smartwatch novelties and wireless headphones stand out. As a novelty, FoxBox is incorporating small appliances, starting with air fryers, vacuum cleaners and ice factories. The brand has stock for international distribution relying on its deposits in China and Uruguay.

Another business model is brand representation. An example is the brand of protection of cell phones with hydrogel, which is a clipping of the brand Haxly, which they represent in Latin America. FOXBOX Group also has the representation of EcoFlow, a leading brand of charging stations, with which they have exclusivity in Argentina and Uruguay.

“This business is ‘buy freedom’, because we transfer energy very simple, renewable and free, because it is charged through solar energy or current. It has different channels than those we usually work, such as the agricultural channel or outdoor, but we understand that it is the future and we know that we are innovative when we bring these innovations, with which we will be able to bring energy freely wherever we want,” said Laucirica.

“We are looking for local partners who want to represent our brand, respecting our culture, our service, quality and customer service”

Last but not least, FOXBOX Group also manufactures third-party brands in Argentina and other countries. If a customer goes to China looking to manufacture their product, they can move from one factory to another to realize the production of each part of the device. FOXBOX Group, on the other hand, resolves the entire service in a single provider.

“Our motto is One Stop Solution, we provide a 360 service that includes design, development, import and distribution of technological products,” said the Commercial Manager of FOXBOX Group.

On the other hand, the interviewee referred to the partnership with Mirgor as one of the most outstanding success stories of the company. It is one of the largest companies in Argentina, have the license of Samsung in Tierra del Fuego for its manufacture, as well as agro companies. Mirgor took over the representation of FOXBOX Group in Uruguay.

Relationships with long-term partners

As far as B2B is concerned, FOXBOX Group works with “mass non-specialist” channels, better known as retailers, that work with technology and small appliances. They also supply telecommunications companies.

Added to this, they maintain relations with “non-traditional mass channels”, such as drugstores, food distributors who then supply other businesses and supermarket chains.

“We support the partner from marketing support, RMA return, after-sales support, all the know-how of how to sell, which is what we know how to do. We are looking for importers who already have distribution partners, who take channels to accompany them in the representation of our brand or large customers who source more from imports than from local purchases,” said Laucirica.

“We are looking for strategic partners who want to develop our brand, who are willing to provide services. Of course we’re looking for long-term relationships, not one-shot sales.”

The company says that they are starting a project to join international sales platforms, to become in international B2C, such as Amazon, for example.

With the aim of reaching new partners in the Latin American market, FOXBOX Group will participate in CES 2024, presenting its updated portfolio. “We are convinced that we will be able to provide a real solution to a lot of potential partners who have no experience in China or the ability to absorb the volume that demands that country, that is where we are of great help,” concluded the Commercial Manager of FOXBOX Group.