Hitachi Vantara Announces Availability of Virtual Storage Platform One for Business

The hybrid cloud platform integrates structured and unstructured data, redefining the efficiency and flexibility of data management for organizations.

Hitachi Vantara announces the availability of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One. This hybrid cloud solution faces data management challenges with the expansion of Generative AI, cloud technologies and the exponential growth of information.

With organizations striving to scale data and modernize applications across complex and distributed infrastructures, the demand for a comprehensive solution to manage all types of data is more crucial than ever.

A recent TDWI Data Management Maturity Assessment (EMGD) study reveals that, while 71% of IT experts recognize the value of data in their organizations, only 19% confirm having a strong data management strategy.

Increased cyber attacks exacerbate security and resilience challenges. A survey shows that 68% of IT managers are concerned about the lack of certainty about the resilience of their data infrastructures.

Available Single Virtual Storage Platform solutions now include:

  • Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block
  • Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud
  • Virtual Storage Platform One File

The Single Virtual Storage Platform simplifies infrastructure for critical applications, with a focus on data availability and robust data resilience and reliability measures, including mitigating risks such as downtime, productivity losses and security threats.

“The Single Virtual Storage Platform is transformative, as it unifies data and provides flexibility regardless of where the data is located: on-premises, in the cloud or in a software-defined environment,” explained Octavian Tanase, Hitachi Vantara’s Chief Product Officer.

“Moreover, the platform is built ensuring 100% availability, with modern storage and effective capacity in all its solutions, providing organizations with simplicity at scale,” said Tanase.

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud will also be available on the AWS Marketplace, offering businesses seamless integration and accessibility to leverage Hitachi Vantara’s innovative data management solutions within their AWS environment.

Other Single Digital Storage Platform products will be available later this year. For more information about the Single Data Storage Platform and its solution package, please visit: