Motorola Solutions has registered a continuous growth in the North Latin American region (NOLA) of double digit, managing to consolidate its position throughout the territory.

“Motorola has invested a great deal of money in company acquisitions, many of them oriented towards video analytics solutions, body cameras and access control points, in order to create an ecosystem of end-to-end solutions to improve environments, 100% focused on safety and control,” explained Rafael Fernández Feo, Channel Director at Motorola Solutions for NOLA.

The company has been in the radio market for 90 years. Among the acquisitions that have materialized for the development of its ecosystem, are brands such as Pelco or Avligion, with camera systems able to recognize and consult databases and recognize people in a matter of seconds, which incorporate video analytics where AI begins to play a fundamental factor in the development of these applications.

“We’ve found that when you protect and make environments safer, productivity increases significantly. That has been our focus, not only in Latin America, but globally”

In addition, the manufacturer offers smartphones for environments in which it operates under critical situations, such as the oil industry, mining or public and private security.

Opportunities in the industry

From Motorola they assure that there are great business opportunities in the region, where a market with a lot of potential stand out both in commercial sectors and in municipalities, public safety, mining (particularly coal) and in the oil industry.

“There is a huge expectation for this year, after having done great things in the past, our partners have been able to capitalize on the maturity of experience and the complement of camera solutions, access control, software and analytics, which includes AI, contributing to our radio portfolio,” said Fernández.

Rafael Fernández Feo, Channel Director at Motorola Solutions for NOLA.

“In NOLA we have had fantastic years despite the situations that we live in all Latin America. There is always opportunity, we have met partners of impressive technical ability”

In the same vein, the executive distinguished the security segment as “a tacit market for motorola and the telecommunications industry”. The company specializes in critical communications, and its products adapt to complex situations due to its robust condition. Currently, a security officer prioritizes having quality communication available in 99.9% of cases. Motorola’s devices feature GPS systems, allowing them to access the radio remotely.

The importance of training partners

Motorola Solutions operates 100% through distribution channels. For the NOLA region they work together with 3 wholesalers, which are ISEC, Meltec and Radiotrans. To collaborate with its partners and boost its business, the company makes its Partner Empower program available.

“The program offers a training and reward plan. We want good salespeople, but also good students. This works similar to a frequent flyer program, if you travel many times a year and I travel only once, the ticket costs the same, but you have other benefits that you achieve being gold, silver and bronze, such as training plans, conferences, trips and awards are exchanged for accumulated points,” said Channel Director at Motorola Solutions for NOLA.

“What partners value most is the ability we have had over time to train them in our solutions. That makes us different.”

Currently, the manufacturer has 80 resellers in Colombia, more than 60 in Ecuador, a certified channel in Central America with 25 partners and an ecosystem established in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. As far as the Caribbean islands are concerned, being an atomized territory, Motorola works with integrators.

“Our expectation is to continue growing. At Motorola we don’t think about growing by taking advantage of the name as such, but rather innovation, our products and leverage in our expertise. We want to integrate resellers that not only sell a part, but develop a solution and deliver added value. We see the relationship with our partners, as well as with wholesalers and end customers, in the long term, to become trust advisors,” said Rafael Fernández.