Superior Essex Communications: “We work to balance technology and sustainability”

The communications cabling company is expanding in Latin America. We interviewed Paul Weintraub, international business manager of Superior Essex Communications, to learn the strategy with which the manufacturer seeks to continue positioning itself in the region, offering sustainable solutions with advanced technology and developing its partner ecosystem.

Superior Essex Communications is a communications cabling manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the Latin American market. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company operates globally through a network of sales representatives, distribution partners, agents and authorized integrators strategically located.

Currently, the manufacturer is carrying out an expansion strategy to position the brand in the region, seeking to highlight the name of the brand beyond the United States, country in which they have established themselves as a leader in the segment.

“Adapting to local needs, we offer technologically advanced and sustainable solutions, ensuring efficient and energy resilient operations,” said Paul Weintraub, international business manager at Superior Essex Communications.

The company offers high-performance fiber and copper cabling for communications. The executive highlighted the implementation of optical fiber, which provides a “resilient and sustainable” connectivity. This technology helps provide infrastructure with higher bandwidth and less vulnerable to interference.


We are at the forefront of emerging network infrastructure trends and technologies, developing key solutions for 5G connectivity, such as our hybrid cables and PowerWise for IoT and PoE-powered devices. These innovations support and promote sustainable technologies, ensuring that our solutions not only meet the needs of high speed and energy efficiency, but also contribute to a greener technological future,” said the interviewee.

Guarantee for resellers

Superior Essex Communications reaches all countries in the region through its partner ecosystem. In Latin America they work with Wesco Anixter as one of their main wholesalers, and also have a number of regional distributors, such as Maya Communications in Costa Rica, or Dynamics in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

“The investments we have made in recent times are linked to the development of distribution and integration partners. We have very innovative fiber and copper products to offer”

In addition, the company has a guarantee program, where each integrator who is trained with the brand must complete an entry form. Once this request is approved, the partner can extend a guarantee ranging from 25 to 40 years for the company that contracts the services of that integrator.

“You can install a Superior Essex cable-based system with one of our connectivity partners, you are certified, you send the test results and we give a guarantee to the end user. That provides security for those who implement these systems, because we respond not only with the product, but with the finances to pay for labor and have replacement for products,” highlighted the international business manager of Superior Essex Communications.

Seeking a balance between technology and sustainability

One of the company’s most important commitments is sustainable work, which is why they are directing their efforts to have a positive impact on the environment. Data consumption is increasing, with 1% of all energy produced globally going to data centers. Data consumption is expected to exceed 181 zettabytes by 2025, making sustainable energy production essential.

“Our approach highlights the commitment to energy resilience and sustainability through technological innovation, supporting regional development and well-being”

Superior Essex Communications is produced under a sustainable approach. So much so that its plant in Hoisington, Kansas, achieved Zero Waste Landfill certification by promoting practices that reduce environmental impact.

“If you’re thinking of a manufacturer that finds the balance between technology and sustainability, that’s where we’re focusing. Superior Essex is working on sustainability to bet on the future of the planet, we can help them with this knowledge and achieve a better future together,” concluded Paul Weintraub.