Riverbed presented AI and observability solutions for a better digital experience

The manufacturer held a virtual event to present new technologies, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost business through process automation. The launches include a new AI platform, data collection tools and 2nd generation AI solutions.

On Tuesday, May 7, Riverbed announced new Artificial Intelligence and Observability solutions, developed to help organizations automate their tasks and optimize their operations.

In a virtual event with the participation of Dave Donatelli, CEO of Riverbed, and Richard Tworek, CTO of Riverbed, the company presented its new offers that will boost the performance of companies by incorporating Artificial Intelligence: Riverbed AI Platform, Data collection solutions and second generation AI solutions.“AI came to streamline the processes of all types of organizations, driving automation to streamline employee tasks. The vast majority of companies today have begun to integrate this technology. Currently, 75% of CIOs are testing or implementing AI projects, and it is expected that in the next 3 years most of the companies’ budget will be oriented to the adoption of this technology,” said Dave Donatelli.

Dave Donatelli, CEO of Riverbed.

“We have decades of experience in observability, we have used our expertise to develop priority algorithms in machine learning and artificial intelligence”

-Dave DOnatelli

With the new AI Platform, Riverbed collects, analyzes and reports data. As far as data collection is concerned, real information is gathered, not synthetic, and management tools are provided for handling agents. That’s where second-generation AI solutions come in, as is Riverbed’s unified agent. It becomes increasingly necessary to collect more data in order to use the AI and automation that companies want and, unlike the traditional model, the unified agent is able to collect more information without the need to incorporate new agents, being a simple, powerful and centralized management tool to manage our infrastructure.

“We are announcing many pre-fabricated application integrations to support third-party applications. We believe that a platform should be open, to boost their investments without changing the way we work,” said the CEO of Riverbed.

“In the AI world, data is critical, and real data is needed. The more accurate your data, the more efficient your ia is”

-Dave donatelli

For data analysis, Riverbed introduced the Data Store, a solution that connects data with AI to bring it closer to the customer at the right time, making this technology scalable in its ecosystem. Topology Viewer helps put data into context and makes AI actionable, generating a mapping of connected devices that shows dependencies within dynamic and evolving IT landscapes. Additionally, the company exposed its AI automation solution, which is activated by a security alert on our system. Once it happens, automation will understand the impact, create the action to solve it, and report it when it’s ready.

Finally, Riverbed provides visibility into everything that happens in its ecosystem. They can report using Riverbed dashboards and management tools like Service Now.

Riverbed AI Platform Architecture

As part of the Riverbed virtual event, the company announced new product launches that were built on the platform. Regarding the New Data Collection Solutions segment, the following was presented:

  • NPM+

    A SaaS service that uses Riverbed Unified Agent to collect data from decrypted packets at each user and server endpoint. Fill the visibility gaps caused by encrypted tunnels in Zero Trust, remote work and cloud native environments.

  • NetProfiler for SD-WAN

    Provides real-time visibility into network traffic and application performance. It also adds new features such as SD-WAN health and performance monitoring, including Viptella and VeloCloud.

  • Aternity Mobile 

    “In many business environments, mobile devices have become the main engine for innovation. Each year, 150 million new mobile devices are added to circulation,” Donatelli said.

For frontline workers and other employees who rely on mobile for their jobs, a poor digital experience negatively affects productivity and customer service. IT is responsible for the digital experience of these employees, just as it is of employees using laptops and desktops. Mobile Digital Employee Experience enables them to proactively identify and resolve issues that affect the entire range of apps and mobile devices used by the workforce.

Regarding second-generation AI solutions, company experts highlighted Riverbed IQ 2.0. First launched in 2022, IQ uses AI to contextualize organizational data, helping prevent, identify and solve problems in its IT environment. Now, Riverbed announced the second version of this innovative solution.

“Riverbed IQ shows us a complete analysis of the state of our system, making visible the most affected locations and applications, as well as the number of alerts and users affected. It also analyses the risk of each threat and tells us which ones truly require our attention. Through machine learning and automation, Riverbed IQ filters thousands of threats to highlight the critical issues we need to focus on,” explained Richard Tworek, CTO at Riverbed.

AI as the main engine of innovation

Moreover, Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst in TheCube Research, spoke about the adoption of this type of technology by various companies and highlighted the novelties of Riverbed. “IT and modern applications are widely distributed and increasingly complex. In addition, hybrid work came to stay, so ensuring the protection of work becomes fundamental,” he said.

“Organizations must prioritize the end-user experience, and to do this they must learn to automate through this technology to offer better experiences”

-Bob laliberte

The analyst indicated that to achieve this, it is necessary to have high quality data, to get a complete photograph of the IT landscape. “Riverbed’s creation of this new platform and the use of a unified agent, coupled with new networking, cloud, mobile and second-generation AI technologies, are great engines for innovation,” he said.

To conclude, Dave Donatelli reported that all these solutions are already available. “Riverbed continues to invest in AI automation and observability to help organizations optimize their digital experience and improve IT efficiency,” said the CEO.