Licencias OnLine and Acronis, An Alliance That Gains Leadership In The Region

The value wholesaler and the brand have been working together in order to develop business opportunities for their channels.

“Both brands have the same goal, to develop the technology ecosystem to achieve the transformation that businesses need,” says Agustín Mella, General Manager at Acronis Latam. Customers and companies have a huge challenge in achieving the transformation of their businesses and it is proven that those who achieve it are those who have the support to carry out everything that a challenge like this needs. In this sense, the executive continued, “our role is strongly focused on supporting the channels to be the best allies of their customers on cyber protection issues. For this reason, we think of solutions that have a constant evolution in two aspects: On the one hand, greater simplicity and ease for the channels in daily operation, and, on the other, solutions that allow the channels to grow their business in the short and medium term.”

Today the brand works strongly on three pillars to enhance the opportunities of its channels:

1) Aid in their entry and development in the business and in the cyber protection issue with specialized training, support in the generation of new businesses and a key support in the daily monitoring of the execution.

2) Work on building a demand generation muscle in the channels in two aspects: the training of the commercial and technical teams, and the accompaniment with specialists in the different areas of the business while this muscle consolidates. “In this way we achieve a rapid generation of demand and income for the channels and they can continue to evolve as their business grows,” says Mella.

3) Work on the transformation of traditional channels to Cloud businesses. “It is our responsibility to accompany those channels that seek to achieve this transformation, which, although in theory it sounds simple, the changes it requires in terms of culture and business models are very important. As industry benchmarks, we do not have to ask for this transformation to occur, we have to help and support anyone who wants to achieve it,” he emphasized.

Daniel Yesurón, Pre-Sales Cloud Specialist at Licencias OnLine, details the solutions on which they are focusing and their differentials. “We are currently focusing on Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud solutions, which contain pillars such as Acronis Cyber ​​Backup Cloud, Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber ​​Disaster Recovery Cloud, Acronis Cyber ​​Files Cloud, Acronis Cyber ​​Notary Cloud, and Acronis Cyber ​​Infrastructure. These complement each other, allowing companies to add new functionalities as they require”, he assures.

In line with that, the executive anticipates the trends they are seeing for next year. “Taking into account that the ‘home office’ modality is being applied more and more in companies, one of the trends that is being seen the most is the possibility of self-management without having to depend on face-to-face personnel or access to particular tools. With the Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud online console, these needs are covered, in addition to providing the necessary security so that each user has the appropriate identity roles and in turn can be assisted by the administrator of the company online. Another trend is to understand the consumption of Cloud tools since many of them work with the PAYG (Pay Per Use) model. For this, Acronis enables controls through the use of policies that can be generated in a granular way and thus have clear and exact records of the use of each element,” he says.

A year of challenges and learning

2020 has been an atypical year in general terms Acronis took several actions that mitigated the impact. However, “we have the firm belief that this was a year that also allowed us to have other discussions,” says Mella. “We feel on the part of our clients globally a greater requirement of cyberprotection and that is what we developed and together with Licencias OnLine we managed to translate all this evolution and innovation into simple implementation solutions that give real answers to customers and allow channels to evolve and continue their growth even in a year like the one we went through.”