Red Hat Recognizes Licencias OnLine as an Outstanding Reseller in Central America and the Caribbean Region

This award recognizes partners that have demonstrated the highest growth year after year, leading consultative sales processes, building a valuable proposal based on the brand’s technology and meeting business needs in a comprehensive manner.

“From Licencias Online we are very happy to receive this recognition because it reflects the efforts and teamwork that we have been sowing for more than a year in the Central America and Caribbean region,” said Carolina Savelli, Sales Manager of the wholesaler for the region.

According to her, as a result of this distinction, the priority for 2022 will be to continue betting on joint development. ” Keeping communication, synchrony and support to our partners is what led us to achieve excellent results and we will continue to invest in it,” she emphasized.

Regarding the aspects on which they have focused with the brand in order to boost opportunities and respond to the demands of the current market, the executive highlighted that the internal team’s training to learn about Red Hat solutions, business dynamics and market demands have been a fundamental part of the strategy.

Looking ahead, she added: “Red Hat recognizes us as a valuable distributor in its business and confirms that the strategies we implement are aligned to our common goals. We will definitely continue on this path, boosting a great growth for 2022″.

Sandra Forero, PM at Licencias OnLine, added: “Licencias OnLine and Red Hat are focused on continuing to work on the growth and development of the partner ecosystem, focused on being the trusted and valuable option that supports them in the digital transformation and the challenges of the new era, making possible an open organization”.

In line with this, “first, we are giving focus to the agile integration issue. Then, we put automation to run Convert2RHEL, since from Ansible today we can automate the migration with the different playbooks; and finally the new challenges of Openshift”.

In this regard, on how to support the channel, Forero said: “At Licencias OnLine we have different tools for both the generation and development of opportunities. We offer the channels support with a pre-sales engineer specialized in Red Hat and in the development of their teams in knowledge of the brand, support in marketing activities for demand generation, technical activities such as Master Class, resources for database scanning, webinars, direct credit possibilities with LOL, credit card payments, to mention just a few points of the added value that Licencias OnLine has as a distributor.”

Finally, Nicolas Boggiano, Red Hat’s Distributor Manager, talked about the reasons why the brand recognized the wholesaler in the region: “Licencias OnLine was recognized for its growth. In addition to achieving a very good number of invoicing, it added many new partners and customers to the Red Hat ecosystem. The company was able to focus on generating business in the large greenfield we have in this extensive region”.

As a result, “the communication and synergy that has been generated between both companies is very good. Understanding the joint needs to achieve growth, the collaboration flows and we have achieved an excellent collaboration to obtain a greater amount of business deals”, concluded the executive.