Cisco Webex Announces Advancements to Its People Insights Feature

In the context of Cisco Live! the company informed that, starting this summer, select Webex customers will have access to information that “increases and promotes the personal well-being, creates better quality connections and a more inclusive work experience for all.”  

With a private layout, Webex People Insights enables individuals and teams to set and achieve goals for their meetings, work-life integration, connections, and manage their most precious asset: time. Today’s news is based on the 400+ features Webex has introduced in the past 6 months, designed to create engaging, inclusive, and reliable collaboration experiences.

In order to help people work in a more intelligent way, beat burnout and drive more inclusive work experiences, Cisco Webex announced advancements in the People Insights feature, based on the more than 400 features the platform has introduced in the past 6 months.

Available through the new Webex, and accessible through a private and customized view, People Insights is aligned with the goals that the user personally set for their meetings, integration between work and life, connections and time of concentration. Knowledge is available from three points of view: Personal, Team and Organizational.

“The pandemic is having a profound impact on the way we work. From the interruptions we’re navigating through (including meeting fatigue) to opportunities to re-imagine how we work. With 58 percent of office workers anticipating that they will work eight or more days from home each month, and 98% of meetings are expected to include remote participants, a new hybrid way of working is emerging. It is more important than ever that people have the tools to help them thrive, wherever they are physically working. One of the greatest areas of opportunity is to help people better manage their time and their work relationships,” highlighted Cisco through a statement.

With these new features, people can now recalibrate how they use time, who they work with, and discover blind spots. For example, gain visibility into how many meetings they accept, don’t attend, their tendency to multitask during meetings, who they collaborate with most often, the percentage of meetings that take place outside of their team’s preferred work hours, or silos in your organization that need support.

“At Webex, we believe it all starts with you, from the people you interact with to the networks you build and nurture,” said Jeetu Patel, Cisco SVP and GM Security and Collaboration “We are focused on helping people achieve more positive, productive and inclusive work experiences, whether they are sitting across the table or on the screen of their teammates. Having valuable information that allows you to collaborate seamlessly and create quality connections, while helping you focus your time in the best possible way, will change the way we think about productivity and prioritize well-being in a hybrid workplace.”

“Our most precious resource is our time. The decisions we make about how we spend our time and connect with others affect our performance, our mental health and our well-being, ”said Fran Katsoudas, EVP and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer, Cisco. “People Insights helps us deliberately design our day, based on our priorities, personal preferences and goals to be at our best at work, at home, and with our teams. At Cisco, we believe that when we get our teams right, we win. Teams are where magic happens: they are the engine of our company, where individual experience meets powerful collaboration to spark our innovation. These insights enable a more inclusive work experience and empower our people to develop and leverage their collective collaborative network, while helping leaders act at the intersection of performance, empathy, and service to others to build connected and effective teams”

Positive experiences

  • Personal Insights: These insights, available only to you, surface daily trends and interactions (such as key collaborators and activities), so that you set and monitor your personal preferences.  This lets you tailor your collaboration with coworkers and focus your time on what matters most.  For example, how often are you accepting meetings you never attend, multi-tasking during meetings or not sharing your video? People Insights will help you decide when to decline or reschedule meetings to ensure you meet your personal work preferences and goals.   It will also help you fully engage (visualizing your multitasking and video sharing habits during active meetings) so that you can be more mindful about giving others your full attention and presence.
  • Team Insights: These insights give each team member a view of patterns between connections, collaboration habits, and work-life integration for the entire team – while maintaining privacy.  The benefit is a stronger and more inclusive work experience for all team members and enables a team to jointly adjust practices and grow relationships as a collective for the benefit of everyone. For example, you can become a good steward of your team’s wellbeing by looking at what percentage of meetings are taking place outside of your team’s preferred working hours – or you can facilitate strong working relationships by making sure you and your team are connecting with the right people and teams.
  • Organizational Insights: Give you a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s collaboration trends and patterns to help you spot silos and identify teams that may benefit from additional support or an increased focus on inclusivity.  For example, if you move to a new business model or organizational design that requires new ways of collaboration, you can monitor how the model is working and take action where you see gaps.

As part of Cisco, with 600 million monthly participants and connecting 6 billion calls each month, in the last 6 months Webex has delivered 400 new features.

In related news, Cisco also announced new cloud pricing for Webex desk and room devices, with costs up to 50% lower.

People Insights is intended to be available globally and will be rolled out in a gradual approach over the next year, with initial availability to select customers in the US. Starting this summer.