HP Elevate Women: HP’s Program Promoting Diversity In Latin America

HP aims to defend equity and the inclusion of women as a corporate pillar

HP Inc. announces its HP Elevate Women program in Latin America through which it continues to promote gender diversity and the inclusion of women within its company, as well as their relevance in the IT sector. Not only does the brand seek to be fertile ground for the professional growth of its employees, but it also has as a priority creating the ideal environment to attract new generations of professionals.

The innovative program transforms the way in which women and technology are traditionally related, attracting and motivating female candidates to develop successful and long-term careers in the commercial area of ​​HP Inc. in Latin America.

With 54% minorities on its board of directors (42% women), HP is considered the technology company with the most diverse board according to the Fortune 100 list. Currently, 31.7% of the company’s leadership are women and 29.6% of the vice presidencies are occupied by them.

HP Elevate Women seeks to accelerate the professional growth of the company’s women through support and mentoring programs. Likewise, it seeks the integration of professional women from various industries to the work ranks at HP in its different areas according to their professional profile, talent being the only criterion.

Visibility initiatives for its executives both internally and externally, the creation of workshops, campaigns and seminars, as well as a specific call for diversity in the workforce of its business partners, distributors and suppliers are part of the efforts that are performed day by day. “We are placing more HP women, especially in leadership positions, to speak at high-profile conferences, and we are setting up media interviews so they can share their experiences and describe what HP is doing to address the gender gap,” said  Marcos Razón, Manager and General Director at HP Inc. for Latin America.

With this initiative, HP also seeks to encourage interest in new generations of women to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers and thus join the large corporations in the sector with the assurance that they will be able to grow without prejudice or obstacles due to gender issues.

“The best innovation comes from diverse minds working together focused on improving tomorrow; and there is no doubt that the future includes inclusive workforces,” added Marcos Razón.“At HP we see gender equality not only as a high priority, but as a business imperative.”

HP continues to work constantly to achieve the mission of inclusion, diversity and equity. The company is committed to continuing to create programs that recognize the value of diverse work teams that, in turn, are a source of inspiration for everyone, regardless of gender.