IT Empowerment: What Role Do VMware Certifications Play In Your Professional Growth?

There are two unquestionable realities in the IT world, the first one is that every team in every company works in a unique way, the second one is that almost all of them are extremely vulnerable due to the lack of training and updating of their IT professionals.

Although the gap between the evolution of IT and the ability of human talent to manage and empower them has been growing sharply in recent years, at Licencias Online Education we are committed to providing IT professionals with knowledge that they can apply in their daily work routine, and also the ability to make decisions and assume a leadership role with the confidence to guide their teams with success.

When we think about the needs of our students, we really ask ourselves: how can we make each training a meaningful experience that also translates into real results? Many times, the answer leads us to continue to look for the best certifications in the market and the best IT leaders to deliver them.

“In today’s market, the knowledge of an engineer who does not take a new course or certification every six months starts to become obsolete,” says Mauricio Pennini, Education Manager VMware in Latin America, and thus the need to keep constantly updated.

VMware certifications that IT professionals are looking for

If you are fortunate enough to have a full IT team, chances are that, out of the entire group; barely 2% of its members feel able to step out of their comfort zone to take on a project and execute it successfully and an even smaller percentage have the essential tools to drive a virtualization project.

The problem with this dynamic and how it really affects the economy of the companies is that, as there is not enough skilled talent to carry out the objectives at the technology level, the projects are delayed and the company loses business opportunities.

It is at this point that companies should start inquiring about the best certifications on the market and the best places to obtain them. A good place to start is by accessing the information needed for professional training of IT teams, such as the following links:

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  2. NSX-T: The evolution of virtualization
  3. LOL Education adds a new VMware-certified instructor

Having an official VMware certification impacts and empowers the creativity of IT teams, allowing them to act with greater confidence and increasing their ability to find solutions that transform businesses.

Solutions that work for IT

Among the best practices for empowering an IT team after VMware certification, the company says that the next step is to ensure that the team is acquiring all the specialized knowledge to master the installation and administration of the VMware environment. To do this, it recommends that it is advisable to ensure that this knowledge comes from real experts certified by the company and that each trainee has access to the latest versions of the products to polish their skills through practice.

All these aspects are very important when choosing the training that best suits the needs of a team. Licencias OnLine takes its VMware Authorized Training Center as an ideal platform to constantly refresh the expertise of the regional leaders, keeping them at the level of the awards that have been granted by VMware and finally, to provide them with the best experience and results they can get.