OneXafe Immutable Backup Proposal

StorageCraft has launched its OneXafe device to the Latin American market, which aims to be an immutable backup destination and offer greater protection for customers against ransomware and other threats.

OneXafe is a scalable object-based storage solution that provides terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data storage, and also functions as a backup destination. OneXafe’s unified architecture reduces storage management complexity and operational costs.

In addition, this architecture addresses storage critical points such as complex installation, time-consuming management, lack of data security and complete end-of-life infrastructure upgrades. OneXafe also enables global cluster growth without causing downtime or configuration changes.

With a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, companies should ideally seek to implement best practices. When it comes to a contingency plan, it is recommended to work with a 3-2-1-1 approach: 3 backups on 2 different media, 1 offsite and 1 immutable. It is in this last point where OneXafe stands out.

“OneXafe represents an important addition to the strong portfolio of solutions that Arcserve, the world’s most experienced data and ransomware protection provider, makes available to the Latin American market. By generating an immutable backup, OneXafe becomes a key element in the security strategy of businesses against criminal attacks, which are increasingly focused on backups,” said Daniela Costa, Arcserve’s Vice President for Latin America.