Unstoppable Ransomware, So Say Trends

SonicWall-LogoNew historical record, 62.3 million ransomware attacks recorded during May 2021. May 2021 saw the highest number of ransomware attacks ever recorded by SonicWall. The company’s security experts predict sustained growth in attacks in the second half of the year.

SonicWall researchers in their ongoing monitoring of cyber attack activity, recorded during May 2021 the highest number of ransomware attacks reported in the first half of the year: 62.3 million attacks perpetrated globally, 14 million more than those identified during April.

“The barrage of ransomware attacks is forcing organizations into a state of constant defense rather than an offensive posture,” said Bill Conner, president and CEO of SonicWall. “Through May, SonicWall recorded 226.3 million ransomware attacks, a 116 percent year-to-date increase over 2020, indicating the rapid evolution and highly profitable attack tactics of cybercriminals.”

The data recorded over the last six months demonstrates a clear trend, leading to the view that this type of attack will remain on the rise throughout the year.

“Cybercriminals are now emboldened by the disruption they have caused and have been busy raising the stakes. SonicWall data shows a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks so far in 2021, with a 116% year-to-date increase over 2020. In fact, May 2021 saw the highest number of ransomware attacks we have ever recorded,” he concluded.

Bill Conner