Brother Group Strengthens its Environmental Vision 2050

Climate change is affecting everyone around the world. Weather events are becoming more extreme, and carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere increased to record levels in 2020.

Therefore, reaffirming its commitment to caring for ecosystems and aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in its business operations by fiscal year 2050, the Brother Group updated its environmental vision, which further strengthens its sustainable initiatives and seeks to minimize CO2 emissions throughout its value chain.

In the “Brother Group Global Charter”, which is the basis for all its activities, the Japanese company committed to proactive and continuous initiatives to ensure that all its operations are environmentally friendly and thus help society to develop in a sustainable manner.

With this document, the company also seeks to maximize the circulation of resources to ensure their sustainable use and minimize their impact due to waste, as well as to promote ecosystem restoration and conservation activities beyond its actions.

“The global community is pursuing a more carbon-free society by implementing various strategies aimed at combating climate change. The Brother Group recognizes the urgency of such measures to address international environmental issues, as well as the importance of taking into consideration social and corporate governance issues for its sustainable growth” says Ichiro Sasaki, President of Brother Industries.

To meet the above targets by 2050, the group set out different practices: it will promote energy-saving activities in the company’s factories and other facilities around the world; it will carry out energy generation activities, such as installing solar panels; and it will purchase CO2-free electricity.

Caty Di Maggio, Regional Vice President Sales and Marketing for Latin America, states that, “at Brother we believe that it is possible to offer solutions to our customers in a sustainable way, that is why we work hard to develop environmentally friendly products, which allows us to solve social problems and also gain the trust of our customers”.

For all of the above, the group announced the creation of a new Climate Change Response Strategy Department, which will promote strategic responses to climate change and continue to strengthen its environmental initiatives, in order to achieve the objectives set out in its updated “Brother 2050 Environmental Vision”.