Brother Renews its “At Your Side 2030” Vision To Contribute to Society and the Planet

In the last few years, the business environment has significantly and rapidly changed: the increasing pace of digitalization and automation has caused customers to change their purchasing behavior, while the spread of COVID-19 has led to changes in society. To grow sustainably under these major changes in the environment, the Brother Group has formulated a new Group Vision, called “At Your Side 2030.”

In “At Your Side 2030”, Brother outlines the kind of value it wants to deliver to its customers by 2030 and builds on the redefinition of its purpose: A new vision, a new approach and new values it intends to realize.

The Brother Group’s new vision is focused on collaborating to help fulfill the multiple dreams of people, including its customers, i.e. maximizing productivity and creativity, creating new values and further development. The company will also fulfill its responsibilities to the global environment, helping society to develop in a sustainable manner.

  1. Vision: “By being ‘At your side’, we make people’s productivity and creativity possible, contribute to society and help protect the earth”.

The purpose of this new vision, which starts in 2022, is to continue learning from its customers, suppliers and collaborators, in order to continue delivering value-added products regardless of national, regional and commercial borders.

2. The company’s new approach is: “We identify and collaborate to help remove the barriers to customer success using our unique technologies and global network”.

The Brother Group will continue to learn from its customers, suppliers and other external parties, and will rapidly deliver superior value across national, regional and corporate boundaries. It will understand its customers’ value chain, identify their key challenges and provide unique products and solutions that help them achieve their goals.

3.Our key areas: The company has specified that the industrial and printing sectors will be its focus areas until 2030, and intends to reinforce them using the above-mentioned values.

The Group seeks to improve its industrial customers’ productivity and solve problems related to human resources and the global environment, thereby not only gaining their trust, but also becoming a valuable solution partner for them. In the printing industry, the company is aware that significant changes are taking place in both “office work” and the printing environment, so it will continue to exceed its customers’ expectations and build new business pillars that transcend today’s business boundaries.

In this regard, Caty Di Maggio, Regional Vice President Sales and Marketing for Latin America, says that the new vision “is part of the company’s response to the changes that are taking place in society and the business environment, and in which Brother wants to contribute to a better future as a close partner, supporting its customers’ ability to create value and progress”.