Avaya ENGAGE 2021 Highlights Experience Builders and the Unique Value They Deliver Enhancing Customer and Employee Engagement

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Avaya is highlighting the ecosystem of Avaya Experience Builders this week at its ENGAGE 2021 user conference. Experience Builders align Avaya services, partners, technology developers, customers and citizen developers in an extensive global network designed to help enterprises build better experiences for employees and customers, when a one-size-fits-all solution is not sufficient.

Avaya Experience Builders makes it easier for businesses to build and deliver customized experiences by providing co-development support, including existing or completely tailored experiences, or technology to compose their own. Experience Builders span a wide range of markets and use cases, including:

  • Quantiphi is an Experience Builder specializing in Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) services for transforming the experiences of customers and staff across a number of verticals including healthcare, financial services, retail and more. “The innovation we develop in AI and machine learning technologies brings ease of integration with the Avaya OneCloud portfolio, helping organizations reduce costs and improve the customer journey across channels. Avaya customers continue to see positive results and I am excited about the tremendous opportunity we have in front of us,” said Gaurav Johar, Practice Leader for Conversational AI, Quantiphi. “As our ecosystem of fellow developers and innovators expands, we are able to serve new customers with unique solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the many markets we serve, including healthcare, autonomous vehicles, banking, retail, telecom, media and entertainment, and government.”
  • ConvergeOne is a proven, services-led cloud solution provider that utilizes its intellectual property and unique methodologies to create value for customers and develop progressive solutions that connect people with purpose. The company has spent decades building upon its customer offerings which span the core technology markets including cloud, customer experience, cybersecurity, data center, enterprise networking, and the modern workplace. ConvergeOne is an Experience Builder leveraging Avaya OneCloud CPaaS as seamless and flexible architecture for its C1 Conversations solution. “With C1 Conversations, customers have a platform to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives without fear of further fragmenting their service with point solutions,” said Jeff Bloom, Senior Director of Business Development, ConvergeOne. “C1 Conversations is easy to adopt, meeting customers where they are, requiring no rip and replace of existing communications solutions.”
  • Clemson University is one of the leading public research institutions in the U.S. and an Experience Builder leveraging Avaya OneCloud collaboration capabilities to create an exceptional digital learning experience for students and faculty. Developed pre-pandemic but accelerated due to the need for remote learning, the platform has been embraced by students and is being expanded for modern computational biology training activities. “This cloud-based platform has made me a better teacher, and I will never go back to in-class only learning,” said Clemson Professor Frank Alex Feltus. “Currently comprised of interactive learning resources, experiential labs, virtual collaboration and online classrooms, AI-powered curation and more, we have a virtual, centralized learning experience that can grow with us, tailored to our needs.”
  • SpinSci is an established market innovator focused on digital healthcare solutions through a comprehensive set of patient access workflows. The company serves over 100 Fortune 500 companies and over 50,000 clinical and non-clinical agents. SpinSci’s cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration drives context-based care management to health systems by leveraging Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and CCaaS. “Providing optimal patient engagement and real-time data driven care management today can’t be based on a monolithic solution, but requires intuitive multi-experience capabilities that orchestrates across disparate systems,” said Rajit Kumar, CEO, SpinSci Technologies. “Avaya is a leader in contact center solutions with an extensive ecosystem of developers and partners, and a natural fit for us to collaborate with.”
  • Journey is the developer of a patented, trusted identity platform and network enabling highly secure, privacy-preserving customer experiences in establishing identity in the contact center. The Journey digital trusted identity platform, integrated with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS offerings, enables enterprises to onboard, authenticate, interact and transact with customers in a secure and simple manner leveraging sensors and tools in smartphones or laptops. With its use of facial, voice and device biometric technologies and more, Journey can authenticate users with 99.9999% accuracy in less than two seconds. “Journey’s solutions provide Avaya contact centers with unique security, privacy, payment, and regulatory compliance capabilities that significantly enhance the experiences they are able to provide to their own customers,” said Brett Shockley, CEO and co-founder, Journey. “We are excited to be showing our solutions at Avaya ENGAGE 2021, and connecting with the growing innovation network that is represented here.”

“We have tens of thousands of partners, over 150,000 developers, plus more than 100,000 customers worldwide, and the ambition to ensure every citizen developer can build experiences with the Avaya OneCloud platform. Avaya OneCloud and the innovation Experience Builders are delivering every day are creating stronger brands, changing entire industries, and in many cases improving lives,” said Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and CMO, Avaya. “Experience as a Service is what we can provide enabling Experience Builders around the world to compose and wrap solutions around their own customers, tailored to every use case and every user. Avaya ENGAGE 2021 is the showcase for these innovators to tell their stories, and we embrace these partners who are changing the game.”

Avaya is providing demos of Avaya Experience Builders innovation at the annual Avaya ENGAGE user conference in Orlando, FL this week. For more information, go to Avaya ENGAGE 2021 at: https://avaya-engage.avaya.com/avaya-engage-2021