HelpSystems Acquires Terranova Security to offer Customers Around the World

Helps Users Detect email phishing Attempts and other Cyber-Attacks through Training and Simulations Available in more than 40 Languages.

HelpSystems announced on April 8 the acquisition of Terranova Security, a world leader in phishing simulation and security awareness training. Available in more than 40 languages, Terranova Security’s platform and content incorporates gamification techniques to increase engagement and knowledge assimilation. This approach enables all organizations to hone the cyber-attack prevention skills of their employees and reduce the likelihood of phishing attacks thriving. Terranova Security expands HelpSystems’ suite of cybersecurity products with a proven security training solution and complements the company’s Email Security offering, consisting of Clearswift, Agari and PhishLabs.

As employees are often the first line of defense against cyber-attacks, Terranova Security’s simulation and training capabilities are at the top of the cybersecurity priorities for many heavily targeted organizations. Terranova Security collaborates with clients to take a holistic look at suspicious emails and assess how effective users are at recognizing scams and whether they need additional training. The company strives to instill in users the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to detect cyber threats, from phishing emails to credential harvesting websites and other forms of social engineering.

“Organizations across all industries are realizing that developing a culture of cyber awareness is one of the best ways to prevent attacks and the damage they can cause”, said Kate Bolseth, CEO of HelpSystems. “Terranova Security stands out in the market for its global reach and gamification techniques. Their track record in training users to defend against attacks is exceptional, and we believe their expertise and capabilities will enable our customers to excel in this area as well. They are a perfect addition to the HelpSystems family”.

While phishing attacks are nothing new, the industry has seen a significant increase in their prevalence in the wake of the expansion of remote working, with increasingly sophisticated and audacious attempts. In addition to phishing and more targeted spear phishing campaigns, attacks to infiltrate enterprises can take the form of social engineering, ransomware that completely disables internal networks and compromising corporate email.

“Addressing the impact of the human element in cyber defense is where Terranova Security shines, and we are proud to be the Security awareness partner of choice for millions of users around the world,” said Lise Lapointe, CEO of Terranova Security. “HelpSystems’ strategy, culture and product development direction match our vision, making this a perfect match. Our team is very excited to work with the rest of the HelpSystems team in order to combine our expertise and help customers continue to grow their capabilities and meet industry demands”.