Delinea Chooses Licencias OnLine to Distribute its Solutions

In this way, the brand leverages the wholesaler's ecosystem to boost its business in Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Marcos Vinicius, Delinea's Director for Latin America.

“Having a strategic business partner to help us significantly boost Delinea’s presence in the Latin American region, with an initial focus on Mexico, we expect to consolidate a strong commercial strategy between the two companies,” said Marcos Vinicius, Delinea’s Director for Latin America.

Delinea has a broad portfolio focused on two main areas: PASM (Privilege Access and Session Management) and PEDM (Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management). “We are convinced that they will help customers with the administration and control of privileged users, while allowing them to minimize and control risks related to, for example, Ransomware,” the representative emphasizes.

They are targeted solutions for all industry sectors, Enterprise, SME and SMB, at the same time allowing privileged account users, such as IT administrators, developers, business users and others, to easily and securely access their servers and applications, and to have more control and audit over the use of cryptographic keys and/or tokens.

Regarding the brand’s strategy in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and the reasons why they have chosen Licencias OnLine to commercialize and position their offer, Vinicius states: “We want to focus on recruiting and training channels, integrators and/or MSP providers who allow us to naturally integrate our portfolio into their business offer in the region. In this way, we gain the scalability that the business needs and we will be able to offer local support and services”.

In this sense, he adds, “with the notorious knowledge of Licencias Online in the region and the quality of its services that is recognized by its channels, we expect to strengthen the support and professional services of our clients locally in the region”.

According to the executive, Delinea’s proposal for channels that want to distribute its solutions includes pre- and post-sales commercial training as a support strategy. “Our company has a sales and support team ready to help its channels and customers to succeed in their PAM strategy,” he says.

Finally, the executive emphasizes the integration strategy they have with other brands or products. “Considering all the changes the pandemic brought as the acceleration of Digital Transformation and remote work, our strategy is directed to cover several aspects of those changes such as helping in securing privileged users in DevOps processes, securing and controlling privileged accounts used by people outside the organization and that require to offer remote services. In addition, help with the control of the company’s remote users who also already have privileges enabling security at the endpoint level”.

Licencias OnLine’s Value

For its part, Licencias OnLine emphasized the value of adding Delinea and continuing to consolidate its position as a leading security distributor: “We are very pleased to add Delinea to our portfolio of security and cloud brands. Undoubtedly, this alliance empowers us and reaffirms our position as leaders in this segment in the region,” said Ernesto Jimenez, Licencias OnLine’s Sales Manager for Mexico.

Along these lines, the representative emphasized: “We will help to promote the brand in the countries where we have a presence and focus on Mexico and Central America, where we intend to attract new customers in the region. We invite our channels to get to know the brand’s proposal. In this regard, we have a regional team that is highly qualified to help the channel in the development and implementation of this type of technology.”