Intel Appoints Carolyn Henry as New Vice President and Marketing Leader for the Americas

Carolyn Henry is Intel’s new marketing leader for the Americas.

For the new role, the executive is responsible for unifying and expanding the company’s technology leadership message, building new marketing approaches, and telling high-impact stories to Intel’s vendors and customers.

“Looking after the marketing of a company such as Intel is a challenge, but when we add to that the responsibility of considering a region as vast and diverse as the Americas, it becomes a privilege.”

I like to turn the complex into something simple and we are working to create attractive marketing strategies based on technical solutions and concepts, but always in an easily understandable and accessible way for everyone,” says the executive, demonstrating her commitment to her new responsibilities.

Carolyn Henry joined Intel in 2019 and has 20 years of experience in marketing and content development.

She began her professional career in technology companies, quickly rising to leadership positions that took her to places such as Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and Europe.
Carolyn holds a master’s degree in communication from Northeastern University and recently completed the Chief Marketing Officer program at Northwestern University in Chicago.

She is currently living in California with her husband and daughter.