Lenovo: New SSG Director for Latin America

Valério Mateus is the new leader of Lenovo Solutions and Services Group (SSG). With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, he stands out for his strategic vision in the areas of planning, sales and new business.

Lenovo continues to accelerate service-driven transformation and drive breakthrough innovation through the Lenovo Solution and Services Group (SSG). As part of this ongoing evolution, Lenovo welcomes Valério Mateus, the new SSG Sales Director for Latin America. Mateus has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has held strategic positions in the areas of planning, sales, and new business in companies throughout the region.

Mateus’ strategic vision, his delivery capabilities and his focus on human relationships are great allies with whom he is already promoting synergies that will further boost Lenovo Solution and Services Group results in the region. This dedicated organization brings together all of Lenovo’s IT solutions and services in PC, infrastructure and Smart verticals, including adjunct services, managed services and As-a-Service offerings.

“It is a great honor and a big challenge for me to take this next step in my career and it is nothing more and nothing less than at Lenovo. I am convinced that Lenovo Solutions and Services Group will lead the path of transformation for all those companies that want to make a significant leap in IT,” said Mateus.

Lenovo solutions, the road to transformation

Lenovo brought together services and solutions teams from across the company to create the Solution and Services Group (SSG) to further drive enterprise transformation by delivering incremental business. SSG brings together the company’s best solutions across a broad range of products and capabilities and delivers them as end-to-end, results-driven solutions.

Through its SSG unit, Lenovo delivers a wide range of services. The company manages customers’ entire IT operation, enhancing the user experience and bringing all of Lenovo’s technology together to improve the efficiency of operations. In this way, each customer’s IT team can focus on business, innovation and transformation issues, with Lenovo’s operational and consulting support.

Under the Lenovo TruScale umbrella brand, these offerings are available as-a-service, providing customers with operational and payment simplicity, as well as the flexibility to scale up or down based on their changing business needs.

“Our goal is for the customer to find all the solutions they need in one place. From Solutions and Services Group we offer planning, setup, implementation, support and protection, management and final disposal services. We take care of the entire life cycle of IT devices, we are the most comprehensive response that can be found in the market because we can adapt to what the customer needs,” said Mateus.

Based on decades of innovation and research, Lenovo solutions are designed to solve today’s most pressing business challenges, such as workforce productivity, infrastructure flexibility and sustainability.

By providing a truly global solution that offers everything from pocketable solutions to complex cloud solutions, Lenovo provides customers with the tools they need to transform their vision into value.

All As-a-Service

Lenovo TruScale provides CTOs and their teams with simpler ways to manage IT by streamlining purchasing, deployment, management and scaling without incremental CAPEX. This frees them to focus on more strategic imperatives and tangible business outcomes, such as improving infrastructure flexibility for greater workforce productivity or addressing specific vertical issues.

Mateus adds: “We have a global network of more than 20,000 technicians in over 180 markets. Our main focus is to help customers transform their business, whether on a global or local scale. We want our solutions and services to be the ones that help our clients strengthen the competitive advantage of their companies”.