Michael Dell: “We know how to help companies succeed in turbulent times”

According to the president of Dell Technologies, companies do not stand still in the face of the challenge of evolving in the data economy. In the context of economic challenges, they require a technological ally that allows them to take an orderly, simple and consistent route to the multi-cloud experience.

At the last edition of Dell Tech Summit, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, emphasized the relevance of the moment of transformation in companies towards a data-driven economy, which cannot stop in the face of the turbulence of economic cycles.

“It’s not our first rodeo. We’ve been through other economic cycles before, and we know how to help our customers. We know how to drive the company through periods of economic turmoil and, at the end of the day, we know we have incredible competitive advantages: our supply chain, our relationships with customers and partners, our global support, and our capability. We know how to emerge stronger.”

In this regard, Michael Dell pointed to the company’s most recent financial results in which it reported an increase in operating results of 41% year-over-year, with PC commercial market share growth in 34 of the last 38 quarters, and most recently leveraged on the offering of multi-cloud solutions as a service, through the APEX portfolio.

“The response from customers has been really important, and I think the reason is that customers are focused on results and want simple ways to be able to drive their business transformation faster. Multi-cloud is the topic that is resonating across the industry and across all the customers we work with. So we are innovating to provide a seamless experience for customers to run their applications and data, whether it’s a public cloud, a private hybrid cloud and, of course at the edge.”

Moving Toward an Orderly, Simple and Secure Multi-Cloud Environment

The announcement of Project Frontier is part of Dell Technologies’ strategy to enable an orderly, simple and secure multi-cloud experience for enterprises.

Dell’s Project Frontier integrates an edge operations software platform to securely scale edge applications and infrastructure, while enabling support for choice of operational and multi-cloud technologies, software, and IoT.

“We’re introducing an edge software platform that helps customers simplify, optimize and scale their edge applications in a secure way. And it’s all backed by our deployment network with global support for all kinds of industries – advanced manufacturing, retail logistics, transportation and telecommunications – where we’re seeing the advantage of taking off in a big way. We’re really helping customers in making multiple clouds drive this expansion,” noted Michael Dell.

Companies are victims of a cyberattack every 11 seconds. And each of these incidents can cost up to $13 million. With more connected devices, the attack surface is expanding and all components of the IT infrastructure must provide security by design to build cyber resilience.

“We want to make Zero Trust easier for our customers. We are building security into all of our products and throughout our supply chain for decades. All of our assessment services, management services, detection and response services ensure cyber resilience, and are available through APEX, so that security remains a top priority for our customers.”

New Alliances to Grow

Dell announced a collaboration with Microsoft to offer new single-node setups for customers with smaller data centers, increased AI / ML workload performance and support for the latest version of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI brings together the power of Microsoft Azure with the inherent control and security of on-premises infrastructure. With automated, integrated systems for Azure Stack HCI from Dell Technologies, organizations can simplify Azure hybrid cloud operations and drive consistent management and data sovereignty across on-premises and public cloud environments.

With Dell’s latest advancements, following the announcement of Project Frontier, customers will be able to deploy more consistent and secure Azure deployments through deeper integration between Dell OpenManage software, Windows Admin Center and Azure Arc. These integrations enable our customers to modernize applications and deliver cloud services across IT locations with centralized Azure Arc management.

Dell also announced an agreement to support the Red Hat OpenShift container architecture in the APEX portfolio.