Kaspersky’s work to boost cybersecurity adoption in the region

In a context in which most organizations do not train their employees in cybersecurity, so the talent shortage is presented as one of the main problems of the market, the manufacturer supports its resellers with a series of trainings so they can differentiate themselves with their customers in the market. We interviewed Fernando Sánchez, Head of B2B Channel for Northern Latin America in Kaspersky.

While organizations in Latin America are increasingly aware of the importance of having a strong cybersecurity strategy, they often ignore the tools they need to protect their assets. This ignorance ends up being an advantage that cybercriminals do not hesitate to take advantage of.

Fernando Sánchez, who was appointed in February this year as the new Head of B2B Channel for North Latin America in Kaspersky, said: “This scenario forces us to be clear with companies: today cybersecurity is not bought in a box, it is built with three simple elements that must be considered by all institutions as basic axes for their survival: Threat Intelligence, an appropriate safety and training tool for employees at all levels”.

“We look to strengthen our partner ecosystem by taking a value message to the partner offering and driving the adoption of cybersecurity in the market of our region. This allows us to take the partner to the next level”


Train to Protect

The Head of B2B Channel for NOLA in Kaspersky explained that the lack of specialized cybersecurity professionals is presented as one of the main problems for organizations in the region, which generates vulnerability in the management and visibility of cyber threats. In addition, many companies still lag behind in technology and require upgrading their equipment.

According to a study by Kaspersky, 2 out of 3 companies in Latin America (66%) do not offer training to their employees in cybersecurity. Mexico is the country in which almost 80% of companies do not train their workers, then Argentina with 71%, Chile and Peru with 69% respectively, Brazil with 66% and Colombia with 46%.

Faced with this context, Kaspersky has customized training platforms, focused on the main knowledge that each employee profile should have, and that offer periodic simulations to verify the need for a review, ensuring that the protection of the company will not fail because of a human error.

“We work closely with your partners so that they can offer differentiators to their customers. Our offer leads to a level of cybersecurity integration that current resellers are not offering,” said Sánchez. He added: “These specializations open new business opportunities to customers who have a prevailing need in the market, but do not have much knowledge of where to start protecting their companies”.

“All our solutions offer partners the opportunity to become true cybersecurity advisors to their customers”

Another aspect that the interviewee highlighted was the lack of visibility of the infrastructure and how technological assets are exposed to the internet in organizations. In this sense, the company offers solutions that guarantee internal visibility of the infrastructure through Threat Intelligence and external visibility with Fingerprint Tracking services of an organization (Kaspersky Digital Footprint). To this is added a Managed Detection and Response service, which provides the client with management and response support with dedicated reports.


Differentiating the partner

In order to boost the business of its partners, this year Kaspersky will continue to strengthen its Kaspersky United program, whose purpose is to “specialize and differentiate the partner”, providing greater value to the company’s offering for the ecosystem.

“We offer a portfolio of world-class solutions to address today’s cybersecurity challenges, where we have seen how cyber threats have grown exponentially”

In addition, the Academy 360 initiative gives the partner the opportunity to receive commercial and technical training, especially the Kaspersky portfolio. Additionally, partners can be certified on demand and at no cost through the company’s partner portal.

“We are a highly profitable manufacturer for our partners, with growth possibilities within our partner program, even with real and achievable incentive programs for our partners’ sales force,” Sánchez said.