VeeamON24: Veeam showcased the latest advances in data protection and cyber resilience

We attended the annual meeting of the company, from Miami, United States, where the manufacturer gathered its ecosystem of partners and customers to expose new launches, among which stand out secure storage solutions on premise and in the cloud. We spoke with the event protagonists to learn about the cybersecurity landscape in the region and the innovations that Veeam brings to ensure data protection.

VeeamON 2024 reunited the company’s customers and partners to showcase the latest innovations, innovations and new business opportunities they will be able to access with Veeam this year. The event was held June 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.

VeeamON is an annual gathering of security specialists, automation accelerators and technology leaders. During these days, attendees share experiences and encourage critical conversations, ensuring that data protection, security and intelligence are a step ahead in the years to come.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved with this event. We bring together more than 600 customers, 250 partners and our entire alliance ecosystem in one place. The meeting was much bigger than last year. We have laid out the main pillars of Veeam’s strategy, which are Backup, Security, Freedom and Data Intelligence,” said Shiva Pillay, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Veeam in Americas at Veeam.

During the event, Veeam exposed the main surveys of the Veeam 2024 Ransomware Trend Report, which shows that 41% of data is compromised during a cyber attack, and only 57% of compromised data will be recovered, which leaves businesses vulnerable to substantial data loss and, as a result, a negative business impact.

When a cyber attack occurs, 45% of respondents spoke of increased pressure from IT and security teams. In addition, 26% experienced a loss of productivity, while 25% had interruptions in internal or customer-related services.

“Our report sends a clear message: ransomware attacks will continue, be more severe than expected, and their overall impact will cost businesses more than they expect. Organizations must take steps to ensure cyber resilience and recognize that quick and clean recovery is most important. By aligning teams and reinforcing cyber security with immutable backups, they can protect your valuable business data while Veeam keeps your business running and safe,” said Dave Russell, Veeam’s Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer.

On the other hand, the availability of Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam was announced, an on-premise cloud-like experience that helps protect workloads, regardless of their location, and allows customers to expand or reduce infrastructure as needed.

TruScale Backup with Veeam combines Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and storage, Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE and Lenovo TruScale services to provide data protection as a service for on-premise or seamless co-location deployment. This helps customers reduce recovery time, simplify IT complexity and maintain data sovereignty.

In addition, the manufacturer introduced Veeam Data Cloud Vault, its new offering of secure cloud storage based on Microsoft Azure and integrated in Veeam Backup & Replication, which provides the power of an endlessly scalable and predictably priced cloud storage target, based on the principles of zero-trust data resilience. This service includes not only the storage component, but also the API calls, necessary to write to that storage in an immutable format, as well as the reading and output of data in case of a recovery, eliminating the impact on the bills faced by organizations that do not.

Veeam Vault offers a fully managed, pre-configured cloud storage resource in Azure that eliminates customers’ headaches related to secure infrastructure architecture and unpredictable cloud cost models, key challenges for both businesses and SMEs. Instead of managing your own cloud or physical storage infrastructure, organizations can immediately leverage Veeam Vault to store, manage, and access your data in a predictable pricing subscription model.

Opportunities for the partner ecosystem

Shiva Pillay stressed the magnitude of ransomware as a growing problem, and said Veeam has the supply to address these threats.

“Among the most important announcements of the event are the recent acquisition of Coveware by Veeam, innovations with Artificial Intelligence, which help optimize our customers’ processes and make them more efficient, and of course the most significant partnerships we have presented, such as partnerships with AWS, Lenovo and Microsoft,” said the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Veeam in Americas at Veeam.

Shiva Pillay, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Veeam in Americas at Veeam.

“If you are a channel, you will not only have access to the best technology with Veeam, since we are the number one in the market, you will also be facing a strong channel organization, particularly in Latin America. We have a very capable, and above all very loyal, partner ecosystem”

-Shiva Pillay

Brandt Urban, Senior Vice President of WorldWide Cloud Sales at Veeam, highlighted the company’s launch of Cloud Vault during VeeamON. “We seek to make the customer experience more secure, where through Veeam’s backup capabilities you can take your assets to the cloud and know that it’s priced right, is made to the best industry standards and is an integrated solution from your trusted back up provider,” he emphasized.

The executive also emphasized the reasons why Veeam continues to consolidate its relationship and trust with the partner ecosystem, which is based on the simplicity offered by the brand, as it provides network, infrastructure, storage and reporting from a single solution, and also in constant innovation, from an engineering standpoint, Veeam Data Cloud receives updates every 2 weeks for its products and capabilities.

Brandt Urban, Senior Vice President of WorldWide Cloud Sales at Veeam.

“We believe in the ecosystem of channel partners. We have 35,000 partners, 11,000 service providers, we leverage them to grow our business, we work together to meet customer needs”

-Brandt Urban

In turn, John Jester, Chief Revenue Officer at Veeam, indicated that the market is in a process of transition that generates great opportunities for partners to offer professional services.

“Veeam Cyber Secure involves the customer using Veeam Data Platform, our cybersecurity offering. A partner will come and certify your environment, ensuring you have the right architecture and best practices. When they pass that check, Veeam will provide a $5 million guarantee to that customer if they cannot recover their data after an incident,” Jester shared. He added: “This only works if the partners offer their support and accompaniment to the final customer. We use our program to get partners ready. That’s a great opportunity for channels, when we work together in cybersecurity they can provide professional services”.

John Jester, Chief Revenue Officer at Veeam.

“Customers are increasingly looking for cybercrime protection, which means cybersecurity and cyber resilience must come together”

-John Jester

Martin Colombo, Senior Director for the MCA region in Veeam, emphasized the success of this edition of VeeamON, which attracted 10% more attendees than last year, with 60% of customers and 40% of partners.

“It happens a lot that people come with a fixed idea of Backup, and although it is our cornerstone, years ago we did not use that word. We go on the side of Data Protection, where the channels often go with another idea,” said Colombo.

“We are number one market share, we have the largest companies, the highest growth percentages, best support and NPS technology. The main factor contributing to Veeam’s success is our solutions”

Martin Colombo, Senior Director for the MCA region in Veeam.

Also, Sara Wilson, Senior Director and Channel Sales in Latin America for Veeam, pointed out that the message transmitted in this VeeamON was the change of the company’s strategy, previously oriented exclusively to Backup Replication, now more focused on cybersecurity. This presents great opportunities for the ecosystem.

“Our goal is to bring all partners to a regional quota, reaching the goals of the region. This also requires investment from our team to generate demand for the channel. We do specialized planning with each of those partners, analyze what the channel’s goal is, not Veeam’s, how much it wants to grow that year, and where Veeam can be incorporated into that strategy,” said Veeam’s Senior Director and Channel Sales in Latin America.

“Channels can see all the recognitions we have, such as the partner program of the year, which demonstrate how well we work with channels. Our partner program is simple, robust and full of incentives”


Sara Wilson, Senior Director and Channel Sales in Latin America for Veeam.

Meanwhile, Julia Furst, Global Technologist on the Product Strategy Team, said that, in addition to presenting the latest technological advances of the brand, VeeamON’s goal is for attendees to acquire cybersecurity knowledge and understand that Veeam is a company that provides complete solutions.

“More and more people are migrating to the cloud, so selling Veeam Data Cloud Vault is a great opportunity for partners. For customers, we recommend that they always focus on cybersecurity, ransomware is on the rise, so it is important to have reliable backup solutions. Veeam incorporates various solutions into one platform to make processes easier,” she said.

“Veeam is a complete solution, we are always adding new partners, new solutions, listening to what customers need. We want to help them, to know if in their environments they need something more”


Julia Furst, Global Technologist on the Product Strategy Team.

In this sense, Tomás Dacoba, Senior Director of Marketing for Latin America and Caribbean at Veeam, highlighted the importance of the event to bring together its ecosystem of partners and customers, and update the value proposition of the company for this 2024 and expose all the news of its portfolio.

“Veeam is the number one brand globally. The value proposition of our portfolio is absolutely comprehensive, we are agnostic, we have partnerships with the world’s leading brands. Through its proposal, Veeam offers solutions for any type of workload, on premise, hybrid, in public or private clouds. That is a differential that not all our competitors have,” concluded Dacoba.

“Veeam’s success formula is its ecosystem of distributors, alliances and resellers. We are a company that has 20 years and works 100% with indirect sales. The strength of the company is our channels, which allow us to be the number one in Latin America”


Tomás Dacoba, Senior Director of Marketing for Latin América and Caribbean at Veeam.