What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Pandemic To Keep Companies On Track?

Martin Colombo, Senior Regional Director for Veeam Latin America.

By Martin Colombo, Senior Regional Director for Veeam Latin America.

Although the health crisis has not affected all sectors of activity in the same way or with the same intensity, it has plunged all companies, without exception, into a wave of economic uncertainty that is likely to be long-lasting. Faced with this situation, companies have no choice but to do everything possible to “stay on track”, as any captain of a ship in distress would do.

To achieve this and make this strategy successful, a collective effort agreed and followed by all is necessary, as well as remembering and reinforcing the fundamental values ​​on which each organization is based. It is important to tirelessly instill and repeat to the teams and, in particular to the sales force, the new characteristics of the post-COVID era, which can be summarized as: agility, discipline and competitive spirit.

Agility and simplicity: two essential pillars for dynamics

If there is one lesson that the health crisis has imposed on everyone, both individuals and companies, it is the imperative need for agility and resilience. Faced with a world that has become more complex and uncertain than ever, it is necessary to return to basic principles. In the professional context, this refers mainly to work habits and modes of collaboration that must be reconsidered and simplified as much as possible. The trend towards simplicity extends to all markets and to customer expectations.

For sales teams, making decisions in a quick and agile way means following best practices, such as listening more closely to your customers and partners needs, being more creative and pragmatic in finding solutions that meet those needs, and having a great adaptability and flexibility, without fear of going off the marked path. This is the direction many companies have taken, giving their employees the option to continue working remotely, even after quarantine. Most have begun a deep reflection to renew their business practices, while ensuring the well-being and health of their employees, substituting physical interactions for virtual ones, since the latter have proven their effectiveness in recent months.

Collective and individual discipline: The new mantra of 2021

During isolation, each one had to maintain a daily routine as close to normal as possible so as not to get carried away by anxiety. Moreover, in this case to contrast with the chaotic environment of the current world, it is important that everyone shows a certain discipline, following an impeccable line of conduct in their choices and actions.

This also applies to the employees of a company, who must assume the collective responsibility of knowing their customers and the market well, being reliable in their communication and making decisions to achieve the goals that have been set. This disciplinary effort must be integrated into all the organization’s work methods and affect all levels of competence.

Fighting spirit and proactivity to achieve resilience

To stay on track for a positive future, staff members must be able to improve themselves. Without these features, it will be much more difficult to maintain the usual level of activity, especially in this context of crisis and greater competition. The pursuit of business goals must be carried out proactively, relentlessly and reaffirming the values ​​that have sustained the success of the company to date.

2020 imposed a distinctive mark for all, generating questions in our ways and beliefs. No company and no employee was spared the economic uncertainty that resulted from the pandemic. Returning to fundamental values ​​and re-driving work teams around principles of action as vectors of success is more than ever on the agenda to remain in the ecosystem.