Fortinet Announces Growth in Cloud Security Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Rafael Venancio- Cloud Business Director

Fortinet announced outstanding growth in the Cloud Security segment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Responding to the growing demand for converged and dynamic solutions to secure hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the company doubled its team dedicated to this segment in the region compared to last year.

According to Rafael Venancio, who recently stepped into the position of Fortinet’s Cloud Business Director for Latin America and the Caribbean – after two years as segment manager – “this growth is the result of the company’s investment in the development of solutions that respond to the current challenges of multi-cloud environments and are integrated into a security platform, Fortinet Security Fabric, to respond to the critical need for companies to use the cloud securely”.

The company is doubling its Cloud Business Development area with the hiring of BDMs (Business Development Managers) in Chile, Miami and Mexico. To support this growth, Fortinet is also hiring more engineers dedicated to cloud security pre-sales consulting for the markets of Argentina, Brazil and Central America, and creating a new cloud business support area made up of specialized Channel Managers. This scheme has already been successfully implemented in Brazil and will now be expanded to ten other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“In the past few months, we have seen cyber security events in the public cloud environment that compromised corporate systems of all types of companies in the region, our local teams have been helping organizations address these threats. Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the customer and the provider, and that is why it is critical to obtain a consistent security visibility and implementation position, through policies and unified management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” adds Venancio.

Fortinet’s Cloud Security solution is developed to enable customers to secure any application in any cloud. With flexible deployment options, extensive integration and centralized management and visibility, Security and DevOps teams are able to close security gaps in the cloud while alleviating security management burdens and supporting accelerated innovation. Leveraging the comprehensive, integrated and automated nature of Fortinet Security Fabric, organizations gain a consistent security position through uniform security management across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.