New Updates in Windows 11

Microsoft this week announced new updates for Windows 11 that seek to improve the user experience and will be available starting in February:

More actions in the taskbar:

  • Mute/unmute microphone and share any window from the bar: for those who have Microsoft Teams, either professional or educational.
  • Weather in the taskbar: from now on it will appear on the left side of the screen, by sliding over the widget you will see the weather and the most important news of the day.
  • Clock on the second screen: using two monitors has become a habit, therefore, from now on the clock will appear on the second screen, in case you want to see it while using an application that makes it difficult to do so on the main screen.

New Media Player and Notepad features:

  • Media Player: the Windows multimedia player will now have more shortcuts so that the user can find the content faster.
  • Notepad: the novelty is the new dark mode, a darkened theme that resembles the one used today by users in their different digital platforms. On the other hand, an agile menu and features widely acclaimed by the public, such as the ability to use emojis, have been added.
  • Users can get these updates just by going to Settings > Update and security > Windows Update and selecting Check for updates.

Updates in Windows 11: To innovate and enrich the end-user experience, Windows 11 will add new features more frequently, in addition to the annual update. All this can be found in the Microsoft Store.