Licencias OnLine performed a Kick Off in Argentina with all its territory managers

The event, which took place on June 8, brought together distributor leaders throughout Latin America to discuss proposals and analyze the future of the company. "Having such a diverse multicultural meeting space for conversation allowed us to find very good ideas to bring to the market this year", said CEO Carolina Losada.

The Licencias OnLine territory managers of the region met at the Windham Hotel in Nordelta, Buenos Aires, where they were able to analyze the company’s performance and share their vision about the future of the distributor in each country where it has a presence.

Carolina Losada, CEO of Licencias OnLine.

“It was a spectacular experience to review our business, discuss ideas on how to continue adding value to the technology market and our reseller ecosystem,” said Carolina Losada, CEO of Licencias OnLine.

“Technology based on cybersecurity, hibrid cloud and digital workspace are the pillars of our business, and it is where we see that the channel continues to bet and the market continues to require business”
-Carolina Losada

Moreover, Carolina Savelli, Country Manager of OnLine Licenses for Central America and the Caribbean, said that the main goal for OnLine Licenses in her territory is to grow with its partners, which represent the main alliances they have in the region.

Carolina Savelli, Country Manager of OnLine Licenses for Central America and the Caribbean.

“We want to develop this new territory of the Caribbean and know how our partners work in it. We invite you to work with us, we are a team of highly qualified professionals in the different brands we offer within our portfolio”, said Savelli.

And she added: “We seek to know our value offer through the synergy that we can generate with our education and professional services unit, hand in hand with the main brands that we represent in the territory we are sure that we will grow your business”.

To conclude, Carolina Losada expressed her gratitude to the resellers for the accompaniment and joint growth they have had last year and so far in 2023. “We invite those who do not yet work with us or who want to grow in any of these technologies, to contact us, our commercial and technical team in each country will advise and accompany you at any time”, said the CEO of Licencias OnLine.