Licencias OnLine has had an office in Costa Rica for 8 years. The team is led by Carolina Savelli, Country Sales Manager of Licencias OnLine for Central America and the Caribbean, and consists of 16 people, 6 in the country and the other 10 in Colombia, supporting from there all the work in the territory.

“Among the 6 people in the Costa Rica office there are 3 Product Managers who serve and lead different brands in the security, infrastructure and cloud. We also have 2 pre-sale engineers who support the brands we represent in the region,” explained Savelli. An added: “We have a very broad portfolio of brands at the level of cybersecurity, data management, cloud. There are brands like Microsoft, Trendmicro, Checkpoint, Sophos, Kapersky, Veeam, VMware, Red Hat, and more”.

The wholesaler says they are achieving continuous growth in Central America and the Caribbean. They achieved 17% growth year by year in 2022, and the targets for this 2023 forecast more than 30% compared to last year.

“My goal as a business leader is to support the team in the alliances we have with brands, facilitate communication, be accelerators of negotiations, funnel with the main partners we have in the region, and support the financial side in case of very specific special businesses. We are also working on opening new brands in the territory, and opening new countries,” pointed the Country Sales Manager.

Licencias OnLine and a growing partner ecosystem

The executive highlighted the work of Licencias OnLine with their partners, and the support that the wholesaler offers them throughout the sales process.

“We have a team of highly trained professionals in the different brands we represent. We offer agility to support our partners in business, both commercial and financial”

Savelli also referred to those resellers that are moving from a traditional resale model to one of service providers, and said the company helps partners move their values to a service model. What they seek is to make resellers understand how they can monetize, maintain and optimize those values they offer to their end customers.

“We support them in the engineering and pre-sale part, it is super important that they understand the model to be able to take value from their commercial offer. We accompany them in all the part of demand generation, how to bring their market offer to their customers in this service model,” said Carolina.

“We are working with an approximate 350 partners in the region, made up of large regional companies with presence in different countries, service providers, integrators and partners that are in the traditional resale model”

On the other hand, Licencias OnLine also help partners who have large corporate projects. In these cases a commercial accompaniment, pre-sale engineering, information gathering and sizing of the solution is provided.

“We have a professional services unit, if there is an overflow project in which the partner cannot provide the implementation services to its final customer, that is where our professional services unit comes in to support the reseller”, added Savelli.

When being consulted by the profile of partners that are seeking to add to their ecosystem, the executive said they are interested in integral partners. “They are no longer partners who are only dedicated to selling an application, we see that it has worked for them to have that ability to integrate different solutions for a project, a common goal that their end customers have that can have an operational, cloud part, and a little security over the entire infrastructure, whether it’s endpoint, perimeter or cloud”.

What’s next

This year Licencias OnLine will present the relaunch of Go Connect throughout the region, its partner incentive program that coordinates a number of specific goals and growth, with a series of benefits, both monetary and value-added.

In addition, the wholesaler will hold its LOL Partner Exchange event specifically for Central America and the Caribbean. The meeting will take place the first week of August in Panama and Guatemala, and will take place in person.

“Those who want to contact us can do so on our website through The message will reach the marketing team and bring it directly to us,” concluded Savelli.

Other means of contact:

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