In an environment where Industrial Endpoint Security (ICS) endpoints are often required to maintain consistent quality and uninterrupted performance in difficult or hostile operating environments, traditional IT antivirus software is not suitable for OT (operational technology) environments because it can disrupt productivity, cause device failures or production delays when it takes up computing resources and leaves few for operational goals. CISOs must strike a balance between cybersecurity and economics, for example by increasing the useful life of assets rather than retiring old assets.

Added to this, legacy operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7, which remain critical to operations in industries such as healthcare, are often not compatible with modern antivirus software.

Because these systems often play a crucial role in running custom ICS applications in the factory, protecting legacy devices is a mission-critical concern. Against this, TXOne solutions are customized to achieve maximum security of ICS endpoints without affecting productivity and can be freely adjusted to suit the needs of any ICS environment.

For modernized assets, StellarProtect combines machine learning with ICS Root of Trust (RoT) to protect against known and unknown malware. In turn, the solution continuously monitors the system to understand how users interact with ICS applications and uses this information to intelligently determine whether applications are trusted and should be allowed to access files, system libraries, and settings or potentially confidential data.

In summary, TXOne StellarProtect is characterized by offering performance that exceeds industry standards. Its main advantages include the ability to run in an offline environment and still provide protection against known and unknown attacks.

Besides, TXOne’s qualification service collects and verifies various ICS applications and credentials and adds them to a database. In this way, this technology eliminates the need to scan known files and drastically reduces system load.

Lastly, StellarProtect learns the operational sequence of each ICS application when it runs and creates profiles according to its operational needs. Any trade not included in this trading learning profile will be determined as suspicious and blocked.

The work with Licencias OnLine

Jeff Van Natter, Director, TX One Americas Channel, highlighted the importance of the distributor working together with the brand, and highlighted some benefits of its portfolio of solutions: «TXOne’s alliance with OnLine Licenses provides its extensive distributor network native preventive cybersecurity solutions for OT to meet customers’ OT security demands. TXOne’s Stellar endpoint solution is protecting thousands of legacy and modern industrial control systems. “Stellar is designed specifically for OT, limiting false positives and providing the ability for a complete crash on operating systems, even Windows XP.”