Solution Box continues to work in order to expand its arrival in the region, and this year has prepared the opening of new offices in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. With these additions, the wholesaler will have a presence in 15 countries.

To ensure better territory coverage, the wholesaler’s team will be based in Trinidad, which is the southernmost islands of the Caribbean, and in Jamaica, to the north. From there they will travel to islands around Trinidad, such as Suriname, Curacao or Aruba, and Jamaica, such as the Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

“We land in these countries with warehouse, local deliveries and a great team of Country Managers, Product Managers and sellers. We make constant visits, we will have training rooms, and dictate training of telephony, wireless networks, storage, servers and hyperconvergence,” said Claudio Muñoz, Sales Director at Solution Box.

The wholesaler has a team in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, but also in Santiago and Punta Cana. In this way, they have vendors in the largest and most populated cities of each country, with the aim of covering more and more territory.

“One of the pillars of Solution Box is training. The more we get there, the more training we give. When we completed the work in the capital, we looked for the second largest city, and so we continued the journey”

On the other hand, the Sales Director at Solution Box referred to the business opportunities that the Central American and Caribbean region presents. In terms of connectivity, for example, while Digicel and Cable & Wireless are the two leading companies, there are multiple internet providers within each country.

In addition, hurricane seasons and major storms in the region make it difficult to assemble wired infrastructure, so there is a lot of demand for wireless connections. The same goes for UPS’s, as power outages are common due to storms.

Facing a market with great possibilities, from Solution Box highlight the importance of the presence of wholesalers in the area. “There are not many distributors that only serve the resellers in this region, so we want to be there. There are islands of 3 million inhabitants, others of 600 thousand, but it is essential to be with one foot in these countries,” said Muñoz.

The wholesaler’s offering covers different sectors, such as data center or storage solutions, for those who need a local connection or storage in a hall. The tourist market also has a lot to offer, Solution Box provides everything from GPS Garmin for boats, to digital signal services, IP telephony and fiber for hotels in the region.

“We do not focus on a product or brand, we offer complete solutions. We represent more than 60 brands internationally, it is rare that we do not have a solution to offer”

“We present ourselves with our brands to different types of customers, the reseller that buys and sells, the store or retail store, the one that sells online, the integrator and the internet provider that today is served directly and becomes one more partner, to which we sell both their infrastructure and what they offer in their B2B unit,” said the Sales Director at Solution Box.

And concluded: “When we set foot in a country, we go with a Country Manager, with an Insight Sale, a telemarketer to start putting together the base and minimum 5 Product Managers to cover solutions of value, networking, energy, digital signal, computing and consumption”.

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