Shiva Pillay is originally from Australia and spent most of her professional career working in Singapore. Prior to working at Veeam Software, he worked for a long time in the security industry. He currently serves as Veeam’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Americas.

“My current position implies a great responsibility, but also a great opportunity. What I love about working with clients and partners, particularly in Latin America, is that it feels like a family. I think Veeam works with the best people in the industry,” said Pillay.

VeeamON 2024

Regarding the development of the company’s annual event, Veeam’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Americas highlighted the importance of holding this meeting in a context where cybersecurity threats, more precisely ransomware, grow steadily.

According to the executive, the VeeamON 2024 has passed last year’s call and was an opportunity to expose the main pillars of the company’s strategy: data backup, security, freedom and data intelligence.

“VeeamON managed to bring together more than 600 customers, 250 partners and our entire alliance ecosystem in one place to talk about data resilience”

“Among the most important announcements of the event are the recent acquisition of Coveware by Veeam, the innovations with Artificial Intelligence, which help optimize the processes of our customers, and of course the most significant partnerships we have presented, as are alliances with AWS, Lenovo and Microsoft,” Pillay said.

A Loyal Ecosystem

When asked about their relationship with their partner ecosystem in the region, the interviewee stressed the trust that a manufacturer like Veeam has with its business partners.

“If you are a reseller, you will not only have access to the best technology with Veeam, as we are the number one in the market, you will also be facing a strong partner organization, particularly in Latin America. We have a very capable, and above all very loyal, partner ecosystem,” Pillay said.

“We have one of the best partner programs in the world. What we do as a team is to analyze how we can get our partners to increase their profits while helping their end customers.”

In addition to defining Veeam as the number one technology brand in Latin America, the interviewee highlighted innovation as a differentiating factor in the company’s strategy, to keep constantly new conversations with its customers.

“Our intention is to grow in Latin America, investment in the region will continue to increase. I see a great growth opportunity, we will work to grow our business and remain number one in the industry,” concluded Veeam’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Americas.