The world’s leading cybersecurity company with over 30 years of experience consolidates its presence in Latin America through its partnership with Licencias OnLine. The keys to being close to your business partners.

“We define ourselves as a reseller driven company and our strategy has focused on leading the development of an open ecosystem of XDR (Extended Detection and Response) delivering world-class solutions, which seek unification and integration to give greater visibility and control to our customers in the face of a constantly growing threat environment and increasingly using more advanced techniques and tactics,” explains Cristián Velozo, Team Leader Channel LATAM of the firm.

In order to build the XDR strategy of Trellix, the offer consists of five main pillars of security technologies, incorporating also integration with third-party technologies:

• Endpoint Security
• Data Security
• Email Security
• Network Security
• Cloud Security

What is the difference? According to Velozo, “being an open ecosystem allows us to integrate our solutions and those of third parties to raise levels of protection, always seeking the power to anticipate new threats and providing all visibility and control to minimize the impact that any attack could generate on our customers”.

This is a very wide offer that can cover all customer segments, always seeking the development of the XDR ecosystem and in which “partners play a fundamental role,” the executive notes.

The alliance with Licencias OnLine

“From the strategic agreement with Licencias OnLine we have high expectations that, through its coverage in partners with a focus on cybersecurity, we can cover the needs of our customers in the different segments to which they belong”, says Velozo and adds: “By providing knowledge and relationships with the main resellers in Latin America”.

Regarding the opportunities that arise for business partners, he shares: “Trellix is a reseller company, formed by two large cybersecurity companies. We have a very robust portfolio, and presence in the main customers worldwide and especially in Latin America”.

This generates, continues, “a large base of new opportunities, looking to upselling and crosselling in our current customer base and also incorporating new customers in the use of Trellix technologies. In addition to this great potential we have in developing new opportunities, we have the Trellix Xtend program that provides excellent benefits to our partners and that allows us to generate a long-term relationship of trust and a win/win in each of the opportunities in which we work together”.

In this sense, “the permanent empowerment of our partners is key to the development of new opportunities, starting with the commercial and technical part. We seek, through the support of Licencias OnLine, to deliver to Trellix partners knowledge and that we can form autonomous partners in the development of new opportunities, being able not only to sell solutions, but all the services the customer might need to keep their business as far away from cybersecurity threats as possible,” concludes Velozo.